Nail Art

Cute Bee Nail Art

I have decided to do something different this time and create a video tutorial of my nail art rather than just taking pictures. This may make it a little easier for people to follow. I will still be providing step-by-step instructions below, along with the full product list at the bottom of the page.

YouTube Video Tutorial

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Step 1

For this nail art, I started by applying a peel off base coat and allowing five minutes for it to dry. I then used three coats of Rimmel London’s yellow polish, “Chin Up, Buttercup” on my thumbnail, pointer fingernail and my pinky fingernail. On the middle and ring fingernail, I applied two coats of Colour Club’s white “French Tip” polish.

Step 2

Before moving onto stamping, I applied a coat of my quick dry glossy top coat to all my nails. I do this as it makes it easier to scratch off the stamping polish if you make any mistakes, rather than having to start over completely.

I then used the stripes image from MoYou London’s Pro XL 01 stamping plate and stamped them over the yellow polish using Born Pretty’s black stamping polish.

moyou london stamping plate

This created a simple bee stripe effect on my pointer, pinky, and thumbnail.

Step 3

On my middle fingernail, I reverse stamped these cute bees shown below, from UberChic Beauty’s Collection 28 stamping plate.

uberchic bee plate

I stamped the image using the same black stamping polish, and then I used a small dotting tool to fill in the bees with yellow stamping polish for the body, and Masura’s “Pearly Rain” for the wings.

bee reverse stamping

Step 4

Since much of the polish on the stamper would have dried, It wouldn’t fully transfer to the nail if stamped directly. Therefore, I applied a thin coat of nail foil glue to my nail and waited around 2-3 minutes until the glue was just slightly tacky, before stamping on the image.

I used a metal nail tool to press down the images at the side of my nail and to cut off any excess and then peeled up the liquid latex from around my nail.

bee stamp

Step 5

On my ring fingernail, I stamped this single bee image from the same UberChic Beauty Collection 28 stamping plate and used the same method as outlined in step 4 to fill it in and apply it to my nail.

bee feature nail

Step 6

To complete the design, I applied a coat of MoYou London’s non-smear glossy top coat and waited five minutes for it to dry.

This is the completed look, complemented with a pretty worker bee broach:

2019-01-19 15.24.18

Products Used

UberChic Beauty: Collection 28 Stamping Plate.
MoYou London: Pro XL Plate Collection 01.
Born Pretty: Stamping Polish #3 (Black).
Born Pretty: Stamping Polish #6 (Yellow).
Rimmel London: 60 Seconds Super Shine 452 “Chin Up, Buttercup”.
Masura: Golden Collection “Pearly Rain”.
Color Club: 24 “French Tip”.
MoYou London: Top Coat.
Cuticula: Scented Nail Tape “Harvest Moon”.

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