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Easter Bunny Nail Art

For Easter, I created this cute, bright bunny nail art design using Beauty Big Bang’s “Rabbit Easter Egg Stamping Plate” and Superchic Lacquer’s “Queen of Tea” green holographic polish.

Below, you can find a video tutorial of this nail art on YouTube and a written step-by-step guide. If you would like to watch my additional nail art video tutorials (not posted here), be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel found here.

Step 1

I started by applying a peel-off base coat to all of my nails. If you would like a longer lasting mani, apply a regular base coat.

Once the base coat had dried, I then applied two coats of Superchic Lacquer’s “Queen of Tea” holographic polish and waited 5-10 minutes for it to dry.


Step 2

Before I started stamping, I first applied a layer of quick dry top coat to all my nails.

I then took this “Happy Easter” image from Beauty Bigbang’s Easter stamping plate and stamped it using Born Pretty’s black stamping polish.


I used a thin nail art brush and used some pale pink polish to fill in the bunny ears.


Step 3

I applied liquid latex around my middle fingernail and then applied a thin coat of nail foil glue all over the nail. Wait until the nail foil glue turns clear before stamping; this takes around 30 seconds.


Once the nail foil glue was clear, I positioned the nail stamper over my nail and pressed it directly down, using a slight rolling motion to ensure the image had completely covered the nail.


The reason I use nail foil glue for reverse stamping is that I find it easier to transfer the stamp onto the nail. When using the method of applying a top coat to the image on the stamper and peeling it up to use as a decal, I find that the image creases and bubbles due to the curve of my nails. Other methods can be successful, however, it is just a matter of discovering which method works better for you.

Step 4

For the fourth nail, I stamped this bunny image using black stamping polish and filled in the bunnies using taupe coloured polish.


As with the previous step, I stamped the design directly over the nail foil glue, peeled up the liquid latex, and cleaned up around the edges of the nail with a cleanup brush dipped in acetone.


Step 5

I wanted to complete the design with some simple spring daisies, so I used the daisy images from UberChic Beauty’s Collection 28 stamping plate.


Firstly, I stamped the large daisy image and filled it in using white and yellow stamping polish by Born Pretty, and used Superchic Lacquer’s “No Rest For The Wicked” holographic polish for the leaves.


For the thumbnail and pinky nail, I stamped the image with multiple small daisies and filled them as I did with the large daisy.


Step 6

Lastly, I sealed in the design using Born Pretty’s non-smear glossy top coat and waited for it too dry.

This is the finished result:

2019-04-07 17.21.52

What do you think of this design? If you like it, let me know in the comments below. I also take requests for nail art designs, so if there’s anything you would like to see me create or test, let me know in the comments or by using the contact methods found on the contact page and I will try to make it happen.

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Product List

* UNT – Peel Off base coat.
* Superchic Lacquer – “Queen of Tea”.
* Superchic Lacquer – “No Rest for the Wicked”.
* Born Pretty – Stamping polish #3 (Black).
* Born Pretty – Stamping Polish #16 (Pink).
* Born Pretty – Stamping Polish #4 (White).
* Born Pretty – Stamping Polish #6 (Yellow).
* Hit The bottle – “Taupe-lessly Devoted” Stamping Polish.
* MoYou London – Smudge Resistant Top Coat.
* Cuticula – Scented Liquid Latex “Harvest Moon”.
* XKJ – Nail Foil Glue.
* O.P.I – RAPIDRY Quick Dry Top Coat.
* UberChic Beauty – Collection 28 Stamping Plate.
* Beauty Bigbang – BBBXL-058 Rabbit Easter Egg Theme Stamping Plate.

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